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Dr.Chris J. Granias received his doctorate in theory and composition form the University of Minnesota, a masters in piano perfromance form Northwestern University and a masters in Composition from Drake University. He has been a recipient of many awards. Granias has recently been commisoned by the fine arts department at Elmira Collge in New York to wite a multi - movement piano piece based on the world of Mark Twain. A native of Chicago Illinois , Dr. Granias has been teaching for over twenty years and is on the faculty of the Perpich center for Arts Education, St. Johnís University, and is serving as a charter member of the American Composers Forumís Education committee.


Title Genre Level Price
3 movements for middle school string quartet Strings EAS/INT $100.00
410 S. Michigan Piano INT $5.00
All of the Days Vocal solo INT $7.00
Andoki (Resilience) Piano INT $5.00
Bassoon its going to rain Bassoon INT $15.00
Bazaar String Orchestra EASY $35.00
Body of Christ (Communion Hymn) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
Broken Sweets CD $15.00
Burlesque String Orchestra INT/ADV $95.00
Celebrate Vocal solo INT $8.00
Christ is Risen (SATB) Choral INT/ADV $1.60
Christ is Risen (SATB) Sacred music INT/ADV $1.60
Dance of the Black Olives (Baroque Recorders) Woodwind INT/ADV $10.00
Diaspora (...of the heart) Piano INT $10.00
Elmira Suite Piano INT/ADV $20.00
Evanston Express-Fugue Piano EAS/INT $2.00
Face Dance Piano INT $5.00
Fanfare for Trumpet and Trombone Brass INT $20.00
Fantasy Triptich Piano ADV $15.00
Five Baptismal Piece for Flute Sacred music INT $20.00
Five Baptismal Pieces for Flute Flute INT $20.00
For Now The Winter Has Passed CD $15.00
For now the winter has passed... Vocal solo INT/ADV $20.00
Gloria in Excelsis Vocal solo INT $15.00
Gloria in Excelsis Sacred music INT $15.00
Glory to Thee O Lord (SATB) Choral ADV $1.60
Glory to Thee O Lord (SATB) Sacred music ADV $1.60
Harvest Dance String Orchestra EASY $35.00
Horta-Gr(e)anias Stefado Piano EAS/INT $5.00
I Remember You Vocal solo INT $10.00
Joyous Light (SAB) Sacred music INT $1.60
Joyous Light (SAB) Choral INT $1.60
Kristine Piano INT $5.00
Let My Prayer Be Set Forth (SATB) Sacred music INT/ADV $1.60
Let my Prayer be set forth (SATB) Choral INT/ADV $1.60
Let my Prayers... (SAB) Choral INT $1.60
Let My Prayers...(SAB) Sacred music INT $1.60
Let There Be Peace (Uni. choir) Sacred music EASY $1.40
Let There Be Peace (Uni. Choir) Choral EASY $1.40
Let Your Good Spirit Lead Me (Uni. choir) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
Let Your Good Spirit Lead Me (Uni. Choir) Sacred music EAS/INT $1.40
Memorial (For the victims of 9/11) Choral INT $10.00
Memorial Acclamations Choral EASY $3.00
O Most Gracious Theotokos Choral INT $30.00
O Most Gracious Theotokos Sacred music INT $30.00
O, My Lovely Child (ST) Choral EAS/INT $5.00
O, My Lovely Child (2 singers w/pno.) Christmas Music EAS/INT $5.00
Oikoyenia (Piano solo) Piano INT $5.00
Pantomime for Horn and Viola Horn ADV $25.00
Pantomime for Horn and Viola Viola ADV $25.00
Passacaglia (Solo piano) Piano EAS/INT $12.00
Persona Piano INT $10.00
Pied Beauty Vocal solo INT $10.00
Pocket Bread Affair (Baroque Recorders) Woodwind INT/ADV $10.00
Ponder These Things Choral INT $1.90
Praise the Lord Choral INT $8.00
Praise the Lord Sacred music INT $8.00
Prelude in D Flat Piano INT/ADV $8.00
Promises (2 Treble Voices) Choral EAS/INT $10.00
Psalm 20 Sacred music INT $20.00
Psalm 20 (SATB) Choral INT $1.60
Psalm 42 Sacred music INT/ADV $30.00
Psalm 42 (SA) Choral INT/ADV $1.60
Rise Up Shepherd and Follow Choral INT $1.70
Sanctus Vocal solo INT $10.00
Sanctus Sacred music INT $10.00
Sarabande Piano INT $5.00
Scarecrow at Dawn String Orchestra EASY $35.00
So It Goes (Bassoon Quartet) Bassoon INT $15.00
The Lamb is the Light Sacred music INT/ADV $6.00
The Lamb is the Light (Flute solo) Flute INT/ADV $6.00
The Lamb is the Light (Flute solo) Woodwind INT/ADV $6.00
Thinking of You Vocal solo EAS/INT $7.00
Thy Everlasting Mercy Sacred music INT/ADV $15.00
Thy Everlasting Mercy Vocal solo INT/ADV $15.00
Trio Clarinet INT/ADV $10.00
When Earthís Last Picture is Painted Choral INT $2.00
You Might Know Piano INT $5.00

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