Jerome M. Becker

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Jerry Becker is a composer, arranger, the front man for a swing band, a lawyer and in-house dad. His compositions range from classical to jazz to rock. Drawing on an extensive background in musical theatre, together with instrumental and conducting experience in concert organizations, his pieces capture the essence of opening night. More than thirty years of performing and composing experience are reflected in his works. As the lead singer and resident composer for the Mr. Lucky Swing Syndicate (, Jerry debuts many new works under the fire of live performance, backed by a band of seasoned professionals. Fronting the Syndicate has turned his focus to big band composition, a love for many years. His recording credits include the Mr. Lucky Swing Syndicate’s debut CD, "42 Guys In Suits" and their recent release, "Wrong Way Charlie’s Safari Adventure." Both are comprised of his compositions, as is "Holidayzed!" ń a holiday collection of eleven of his songs for the season. Jerry Becker resides in Hubertus, WI (just northwest of Milwaukee) with his wife, Karen, and their children, Grace, Richard and Claire.


Title Genre Level Price
Ancient Lights Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Curtains for Three Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $55.00
Royal Voyage Concert Band INT/ADV $65.00
Royal Voyage (Concert Band) Christmas Music INT/ADV $65.00
Stompin at the Canaan Winery Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $55.00
Way Off Bass Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Who Knows (Where tonight will lead) Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $55.00

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