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Bill Molenhof began his professional career touring the Pacific Northwest and Alaska with guitarist Wayne Johnson, drummer Danny Gottlieb and singer Oleta Adams in 1974. At twenty-one years of age he was invited by Gary Burton to teach at the Berklee college of Music in Boston, MA. During that time Molenhof performed with pianist. James Williams and guitarist Pat Metheny and recorded / composed his first collection of solo pieces for the vibraphone, Music of the Day, published by Kendor Music. This collection has been reprinted 10 times and is the most successful of its kind in the world.

In 1976 Bill moved to New York City to work as featured soloist/ composer with the Downbeat Poll and Grammy Award winning singers Jackie Cain and Roy Kral. While with "Jackie and Roy", he gained valuable exposure performing throughout North America on network radio and television (NBC, CBS, NPR) broadcasts, at Jazz Festivals and Jazz Clubs. Molenhof also joined in collaborations with cornetist Ruby Braff, bassist/singer Jay Leonhart, cellists David Darling and Hank Roberts, saxophonists Tim Berne and Zbigniew Namyslowski, and drummers Alan Dawson and Keith Copeland.

In 1983 Bill made his European debut at the Tuebingen Germany International Festival with drummer Ed Thigpen. Since then he has had featured appearances in Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, England, Norway, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Uruguay, and Australia. His international reputation is secured by regional and national radio and TV broadcasts in all of the above countries.

The Bill Molenhof recordings and publications receive frequent airplay and public performance throughout the world and are administrated by Mark, Cexton, MTS, Warner Brothers, Kendor Music, Really Good Music, LLC. and Otto Wrede-Regina companies.

In addition to his early work at Berklee, Molenhof has given countless workshops and clinics, and has been a faculty member at the Manhattan school of Music, Ithaca College, Temple Univ. and at present is at the Hochschule fuer Musik Nuernberg, Germany.

The creative impact and technical artistry of Bill Molenhof is well documented and substantiated throughout the percussion- performance world. His solid contributions to vibraphone, marimba, and mallet synthesizer are significant advances in their progress, development and evolution.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, the creative impact and technical artistry of composer / percussionist Bill Molenhof is well-documented and substantiated throughout the music world. Molenhof has composed, taught and performed in 32 countries on 6 continents. His 200+ original compositions are published and recorded by Kendor Music, Warner Bros. Music, Really Good Music, Otto Wredda-Regina Verlag and have been transmitted and performed globally for 40 years. Bill is Musical Director for his wife, pianist / singer Gabriela Guala and has performed / recorded with Grammy-award winning artists Gil Goldstein, Wayne Johnson, Jackie Cain, Roy Kral, singer Oleta Adams, legendary bassists Jeff Berlin and John Clayton; and the award-winning cellist Hank Roberts.

Molenhof has been on the faculty of the Berklee College of Music, the Manhattan School of Music, Temple University, Ithaca College and the Hochscule Fuer Musik Nurnberg, Germany. Molenhof has appreared as a clinician around the globe for the Selmer Company, Yamaha Music and the Promark Company.

He currently lives in Patagonia, Argentina with his wife Gabriela Guala and son Luca.


Title Genre Level Price
(Almost) The Amazing Spiderman (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT $4.00
A Family Of Teachers (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT/ADV $6.00
All Pass By CD $15.00
And The Mountains Remain (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT/ADV $6.00
Anthem (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT/ADV $6.00
Asylum (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT $10.00
Ballad for a Falling Star & Flat Tire (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT $10.00
Be a Great Listener First Method Books INT $20.00
Bim Bom Buenos Aires (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $12.00
Blue Camp (Vibes Solo) Percussion INT $6.00
City Hymn (Vibe Solo) Percussion INT $6.00
Contemporary Marimba Solos Percussion ADV $20.00
Do You Speak Vibe? CD $15.00
Este es mi Mundo CD $15.00
Folk Music (Vibes Solo) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
Foreign Films (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT/ADV $6.00
Frowned On Rock & Roll (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT $10.00
Go Man Go (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
Greek Sketch #2 (Solo Marimba) Percussion INT/ADV $12.00
Grey View, Slow Moves (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
Jungle Talk - Wasted Talk (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT/ADV $4.00
Mallet Man Blues (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
March/Dance (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
Marimba Blues (Solo Marimba) Percussion INT/ADV $7.00
Our Names and What We Do (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
Quiet Celebration (Vibes & Marimba) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
Ragtime Heritage (Solo Marimba) Percussion INT $10.00
Reality (Vibes Solo) Percussion INT/ADV $8.00
Robby the Tiger (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT $10.00
Saras Dream (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
She-Devil Dance (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
Skeins (Vibes Solo) Percussion INT $5.00
Slow Blues (Solo vibes) Percussion INT $3.00
Smiling, I am Still Here (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
So Far To Go (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT/ADV $4.00
The Numbers of Her Life (Vibes & Pno.) Percussion INT/ADV $10.00
The Sculptors Eye For Detail (Vibes Solo) Percussion INT $5.00
TV Love (Vibes Solo) Percussion INT $6.00
Up From The Ashes (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT/ADV $6.00
Vibe Songs (Solo Vibes) Percussion INT $15.00
Vibe Songs Suite (Vibes, Pno., Bass and Drums) Percussion ADV $45.00

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