Charles Jason Bechtold

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Charles Jason Bechtold, composer, is currently the Manager of Choral Activities at Temple Universityís Boyer College of Music and Department of Dance, where he received his B.S. in Music degree studying most aspects of music composition, theory, conducting, and music administration. Mr. Bechtoldís works consist mostly of secular choral songs that soar with beautiful, memorable melodic lines and that display a grand sense of emotional character. He has had successful performances of many of his pieces along with being commissioned at times. You can find out more about Mr. Bechtold as well as hear complete recordings of some of his works at


Title Genre Level Price
A Ghost in Philadelphia (SATB) Choral INT $1.40
A Sonnet to Heavenly Beauty (SATB) Choral INT $1.50
Annabel Lee (SATB) Choral INT $1.90
Away Vocal solo INT $5.95
Because I Cound Not Stop For Death (SATB) Choral INT $2.00
Come to my grave, my love Choral INT $1.80
Graduation (SAB) Choral EAS/INT $1.60
Homecoming (SAB) Choral EAS/INT $1.70
How to be Happy (SATB) Choral INT $1.60
Light up the fire (SATB) Choral INT $1.80
Morning on the Wissahickon (TTBB) Choral INT $1.70
Psychological Journey (SATB) Choral INT $2.50
Spring Break (SAB) Choral EAS/INT $1.70
Stay Close to Me, Sweet Jesus (SATB) Choral INT $1.40
String Quartet No. 1 (For Her) Strings INT $20.00
String Quartet No. 2 (The Conquest Within) Strings INT $20.00
The Child is Introduced to the Cosmos at Birth (SATB) Choral INT/ADV $2.00
The Elk (TTBB) Choral INT $1.60
The Holidays (SAB) Choral EAS/INT $1.60
The Jersey Devil (SATB) Choral INT $2.50
The Prom (SAB) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
The Ship That Never Returned (SATB) Choral INT $1.70

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