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Serena O’Meara began studying Harp during a summer workshop at the University of Wisconsin offered by Margaret Cooper. She continued her studies at the University of Minnesota, receiving a Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Music Therapy, and then interned at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas. Following her internship, Serena worked as a Music Therapist for Veterans Administration Medical Centers, first in Topeka, Kansas and later in Temple, Texas, and taught elementary music in Idaho. During this time Serena continued to study Harp with Margaret Ling at the University of Kansas and Gayle Barrington at the University of Texas, while performing professionally in various areas of the country. The most recent portion of Serena’s career began in 1986 when she moved to Menomonie, Wisconsin and married Robert Foley, a Physics Professor at University of Wisconsin-Stout. Since then Serena has been involved in a number of projects and activities. Serena teaches folk and pedal Harp to over forty students( young people & adults). Serena has produced an instruction video tape "EXPERIENCING THE HARP", and has recorded and released six solo Harp tapes, "COLLAGE ", "WIND BENEATH MY WINGS", "A CHRISTMAS HARP", "ONE MOMENT IN TIME", "MUSIC OF THE NIGHT" and "MOMENT OF MY HEART". Serena has edited a two volume collection of folk music for the Harp, has published sheet music arrangements for harp duet and ensemble perfomance, and has appeared in a segment of PRIME TIME WISCONSIN. .Serena also plays a wide variety of engagements from weddings, festivals, business gatherings, dining clubs, private affairs, and concerts. She is currently Principal Harpist with the Chippewa Valley Symphony in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Serena has studied with Gladys Hubner of Minneapolis, who studied with Marcel Grandjany; and performed with the Minnesota Orchestra. Serena also studied with Eileen Malone, Professor Emeritus at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York.


Title Genre Level Price
A Shaker Melody (Version A) Harp INT/ADV $20.00
A Shaker Melody (Version B) Harp INT $20.00
Alleluia (Exsultate Jubilate) Harp INT $10.00
Carolan Duets Harp INT $22.00
Carrickfergus (Duet) (Version A) Harp INT/ADV $20.00
Carrickfergus (Duet) (Version B) Harp INT $20.00
Christmas Duets (Vol. 1) Sacred music INT $22.00
Christmas Duets (Vol. 1) Harp INT $22.00
Christmas Duets (Vol. 2) Sacred music INT $22.00
Christmas Duets (Vol. 2) Harp INT $22.00
Christmas Duets (Vol. 3) Sacred music INT $22.00
Christmas Duets (Vol. 3) Harp INT $22.00
Down by the Sally Gardens and The Minstrel Boy Harp INT $10.00
Emperor Waltz (Harp Duet) Harp INT/ADV $24.00
Melodies of the Spirit Harp INT $8.00
Miniature Suite for Harps (Duet) Harp EAS/INT $12.00
Morrisons Jig (Version A) Harp INT/ADV $20.00
Morrisons Jig (Version B) Harp INT $20.00
Ode To Joy (A Version) (Duet) Harp INT/ADV $20.00
Ode To Joy (B Version) (Duet) Harp INT $20.00
Serenata (Toselli) (Duet) Harp EAS/INT $8.00
Stephen Foster Melodies Harp INT $16.00
Summer Pastorale (Flute & Harp) Harp EAS/INT $9.00
Summer Pastorale (Flute & Harp) Flute EAS/INT $9.00
The Ash Grove (Duet) (Version A) Harp INT/ADV $20.00
The Ash Grove (Duet) (Version B) Harp INT $20.00

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