Robert L. Smith

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Robert L. Smith is a retired MD living in Minocqua, WI. The composer writes: "I am basically a High School Clarinentist (excellent , of course!) who grew old. My Clarinet went on the shelf when I went into the Army for WW II. About forty years later I retired and decided to see how much would come back. When I was young I found it much more enjoyable to play duets than to play scales and fingering exercises. And so I decided to go to the High School (Lakeland H.S. in Minocqua, WI) where I persuaded the Band Director (Randall Bassuener) to let me play duets with those of his Clarinet section who would practice (at home, that is!). For about ten years I have enjoyed this privilege and somewhere along the way I felt compelled to write the tunes that kept popping into my head. Here are some of them...enjoy!".


Title Genre Level Price
Clarinet Cascades (Clar. & Piano) Clarinet INT $10.00
Dreamcatcher (Clar. & Piano) Clarinet INT $10.00
Duets for Fun (Clar. duets) Clarinet INT $20.00
Forest Footprints (Clar. & Piano) Clarinet INT $10.00
Greg And Me (Clar. & Piano) Clarinet EAS/INT $10.00
Lamentation (Clar. & Piano) Clarinet INT $10.00
Octavius Nix (Bass Clar. solo) Clarinet EAS/INT $10.00
Octavius Nix (Clar. Trio) Clarinet INT $10.00
Octavius Nix (Eb Alto Clar.) Clarinet EAS/INT $10.00
Raggedy Ann (Clar. Trio) Clarinet EAS/INT $10.00
Serendipity (Clar. Trio) Clarinet INT $10.00
The Path To The Cross (Clar. & Piano) Sacred music EAS/INT $10.00
The Path To The Cross (Clar. & Piano) Clarinet EAS/INT $10.00
The Path To The Cross (Piano solo) Piano EAS/INT $5.00
Those Classy Clarinets (Clar. Duets) Clarinet INT $20.00

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