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Pablo Elorza (born in Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina on June 10, 1982). Bass Player, Composer, Producer, Author and Teacher has been on the national music scene for the last 18 years. On the last 3 years He has developed a increasing International reputation winning several prices as the recently Made in New York Jazz Competition in the Composer Category. He has been touring as a band leader, sideman and also a musical director and producer in the studio with several National and International Artists from different music styles including: Randy Brecker, Lenny White, Yaccov Mayman, Oscar Giunta, Gustavo Bergalli, Bobby Medina, Rodrigo Dominguez, Leon Gieco, La Ley, Pablo Cordero and many many more

In 2013, wins two important awards related his third solo album “Japanese Garden “. Nationally award for “Outstanding Performer ” from ” Igualdad Cultural”. And International award in the category of “Composer ” by “Made In New York Jazz Competition” having been chosen by a Jazz legends jury Randy Brecker, Joe Lovano , and Lenny White.

In 2012, he recorded his third album “Japanese Garden” with a big band he called “Pablo Elorza Orchestra”. This lineup was created in late 2011 bringing together a large group of renowned Argentine jazz artists. The compositions of the album, all originals, can be framed within the genre fusion or world music with rhythmic elements from all over the world and the improvisational flavor of jazz.

In September of the same year he began a video lesson series called “Deep Into Electric Bass Classics ” analyzing different classics in the history of the instrument as Havona , Continuum , Portrait of Tracy from legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius, among others. This series has been recognized by various global Electric Bass sites as ” No Treble” , ” For Bass Players Only ” , “Bass The World”, “Play Bass Now” , among other with publications as ” Top1 Video of the Week ” ” Spotlight Bassist ” and others, in addition to being named “Guest Teacher ” for regular publications .

In 2011, two of his compositions become part of the project Real Book Argentina, a collection of popular music written by Argentine authors of all generations.

In 2010, released his second solo album Jazz “EPTrío – Vol1” searching for a new role for the electric bass. Using audio effects he created a sound similar to a wind instrument played in the context of traditional jazz trio accompanied by upright bass and drums.

In 2008, and based in Buenos Aires, he wrote his first work of symphonic character “of Buenos Aires Astor” in tribute to Astor Piazzolla and has since made arrangements, orchestrations and written music for various formations and styles including String Quartet, musical comedy, jazz big band, jazz combo, concert band, trios, among others. His concert band arrangement of “Adios Nonino” by the Argentine bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla and his classical studies for Bass “5 Etudes for Electric Bass” also were published in the United States by Really Good Music, LLC.

In 2007, he released his first solo album of contemporary jazz “The Other”, which receives Docta award 2007 for Best Jazz “Solo Composition”.

In 2004, he began his work as a session recording player for various artists of diverse genres such as rock, pop, folk, funk, jazz, Latin, kids music, fusion, folk song, soul, among others.

In 2003, begins with self-development and research on electric bass, resulting thus in a new teaching method “The Litlle String” published in the U.S. in 2007.

In 2000, and based in the city of Córdoba, extended for three years at the School of Music “La Colmena” and participates in seminars, clinics and private studies with teachers of music from the likes of Alejandro Herrera, Javier Malosetti, Dave Weckl, Guillermo Vadala, Chango Spasiuk, Lee Konitz, Ernesto Jodos, Nick Schneider, Steve Zenz, Fred Sturm, among others.

In 1998, influenced by his brother, began studying the bass guitar and popular music in EMPO. (School of Popular Music).


Title Genre Level Price
5 Etudes For Electric Bass, Op. 1 Bass INT $20.00
Adios Nonino (Astor Piazzolla) Concert Band INT $75.00
El Cuerdita - The Little String (Book 3) Method Books INT $25.00
El Cuerdita -The Little String (Book 1) Method Books INT $30.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 1) Strings INT $30.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 1) Bass INT $30.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 1) Bass INT $25.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 1) Method Books INT $25.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 1) Strings INT $25.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 2) Method Books INT $35.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 2) Strings INT $35.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 2) Bass INT $35.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 3) Strings INT $25.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 3) Bass INT $25.00
Unsung Heroes Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $60.00

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