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Chris Campbell is originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin. He attended Winona State University in Minnesota, completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Music at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1994. While at Eau Claire, he studied saxophone with Dr. Richard Fletcher. He also performed with the Jazz Ensemble II under Ron Keezer, and the Jazz Ensemble I under Robert Baca, recording with the band on their first two CDs, “Jazz in Clear Water” and “Jazz in Clear Water – In Transit.”

He completed his Master’s Degree in Saxophone Performance at Indiana University in 1996. While at Indiana, he studied Saxophone with Dr. Eugene Rousseau, serving as a Teaching Assistant in Saxophone. He also studied Jazz Improvisation and Arranging with Dominic Spera and Dr. David Baker, and performed with the Jazz Ensemble I under Dr. David Baker.

In 1996, he joined the United States Air Force Band program, first with the US Air Force Band of the Golden West in California, where he was a saxophonist and arranger for the band, as well as musical director of the jazz ensemble. In 1999 he was transferred to the US Air Forces-Europe Band in Sembach, Germany. He performed with the Jazz Ensemble on two CDs – “Winter Wonderland” and “Remembering Tomorrow” and served for two years as the chief arranger for the band, writing charts for every instrumental ensemble from woodwind trio to full concert band with choir.

In 2006, he left the Air Force and moved to Minneapolis. He currently plays with the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra, his own new band, the Skyway Jazz Orchestra, and the 34th Infantry Division “Red Bull” National Guard Band. He also works as a freelance arranger and composer, completing numerous contracts for both military bands and school bands. He currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Margaret, a bassoonist, and his two dogs, Nikos and Bobbi, neither of whom have so far shown an inclination to pursue a musical career.


Title Genre Level Price
Cedar Street Jump Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Hiawatha Boogie Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $55.00
Hot Dish Mambo (Concert Band) Concert Band INT $75.00
Hot Dish Mambo (Jazz Ens.) Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Tangential Tango String Orchestra EAS/INT $60.00
Tangential Tango (Cl. 4) Clarinet EAS/INT $15.00
Tangential Tango (Brass 4) Brass EAS/INT $15.00
Tangential Tango (Bsn.4) Bassoon EAS/INT $15.00
Tangential Tango (Sax 4) Saxophone EAS/INT $15.00
Tangential Tango (Trom.4) Trombone EAS/INT $15.00
Tangential Tango-(WW 4) Woodwind EAS/INT $15.00

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