Glenn Simonelli

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Dr. Glenn Simonelli started composing music at the age of 6. He has been involved in music ever since, playing in and composing for numerous musical bands throughout life, including rock, wind, country, soul and funk ensembles. A multi-instrumentalist, at one time or another Glenn has performed on piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, saxophone, recorder and French horn.

Dr. Simonelli attended Indiana University, majoring in telecommunications with a minor in music composition. After graduating with distinction, Glenn worked for a recording studio producing radio and television jingles and as a technical specialist for the IU Archives of Traditional Music, the largest university-based world music archive in the United States. He is currently an assistant professor of education at the State University of New York, Potsdam College. He is married with three children.


Title Genre Level Price
An Olive Glow Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
An Olive Glow (Little Big Band version) Little Big Band INT $45.00
Andante (Longing) Piano INT $8.00
Bittersuite Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Broken Glass (SSA) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
Catharsis for solo guitar Guitar INT/ADV $10.00
Denouement String Orchestra EAS/INT $25.00
Dirge Piano EASY $3.00
Division Street Shuffle Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Eight Reflections for Solo Piano Piano EAS/INT $15.00
Epilogue (Harp, Pno., Strings) String Orchestra INT $30.00
Epilogue (Piano solo) Piano INT $8.00
Four Songs for Male Chorus Choral INT/ADV $20.00
Guitar Suite Guitar INT/ADV $20.00
How Can You Still Love Me (SATB) Choral INT $1.90
Icarus (SSA) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
Let it Go (SSAA) Choral INT $2.00
Moonlight Jazz Combo INT $30.00
Mysterioso (Solo Cello) Cello ADV $10.00
New Song (SSAA) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
Ozymandias (SATB) Choral INT/ADV $2.50
Pensive Piano EASY $5.00
Ragtime Piano INT $8.00
Short Set for String Ensemble String Orchestra INT $70.00
Swagger Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Symphony No. 2 Orchestra INT/ADV $100.00
The Ice Cream Truck Piano EAS/INT $4.00
The Sunnyside Samba Jazz Ensemble INT $60.00
The Tubs Piano INT $6.00
Three Conundrums for Wind Ensemble Concert Band INT/ADV $150.00
Threnody (SSAA) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
Voices (2 part chorus) Choral EAS/INT $1.50
Wild Mountain Thyme/Mutability (SATB) Choral INT $2.00

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