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Lars Jansson was born in Örebro, Sweden. In his early teens, a relative lent him some jazz records that got him interested in jazz. During the 1960s, he followed the fashion and developed an interest in the organ and got a B-3 Hammond. In 1970, after graduation from upper secondary school he moved to Göteborg and started studying at the dental school, but after a year and a half he decided to switch to music. He was accepted at the Göteborg College of Music. That gave him the opportunity to play with all the good musicians in Göteborg.

Lars became a member of different groups like; Arild Andersen Quartet. Radka Toneff. Björn Alke’s quartet, Egba, Hawk On Flight, Equinox, Red Mitchell, Tolvan Bigband, Jukkis Uotila with Bob Berg and Mike Stern, Ulf Wakenius, Bohuslän Bigband and others. Danish musicians like Caecile Norby, Hans Ulrik, Klyvers Bigband. Member of The Jan Garbarek Group in 1987.

Today, the Lars Jansson trio is, and has long been, one of the most well-renowned jazz groups in Sweden. Originally, the other two members were Anders Jormin and Anders Kjellberg. Lars Danielsson succeeded Jormin as the trio’s bass player in the mid-1980s, and since January 2005 he has been succeeded by Christian Spering.

Lars was nominated to the Danish Jazzparprize in 1998. He became the first jazzprofessor in Aahus, Denmark 1998. Grammy 2001 in Denmark, ”best internationall album” Hope, Lars Jansson Trio.

Lars has composed music for small jazz groups, big band (3 cds with Bohuslän Bigband), strings, choir, saxophone quartet, woodwind quintet, symphony orchestra.


Title Genre Level Price
500 Years Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
Brief Hesitation (Vocal w/ Jazz Ens.) Jazz Ensemble INT $70.00
Eyes That Smile Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
Gnosis Part 1 Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
Gnosis 2 Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
Happy Face Jazz Ensemble INT $60.00
Iceland Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
Nobility and Beauty Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
One Taste Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
Pure Sensation Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
Temenos Jazz Ensemble ADV $70.00
To All Four Winds Jazz Ensemble ADV $70.00
To The Mothers In Brazil (Big Band Version) Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $70.00
What it means to me Jazz Ensemble INT $70.00

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