Russell Scarbrough

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Russell Scarbrough is a composer, trombonist, and clinician living in Rochester, New York. As a writer, Scarbrough is known for his rich harmonies and striking melodic invention, and an ability to use the ensemble as a medium not just for great musicianship, but also great storytelling. His music has been performed by professional and university jazz ensembles, pops orchestras, wind ensembles, and military bands worldwide. Scarbrough has directed the Roberts Wesleyan College Jazz Ensemble since 2005, developing a reputation there for adventurous and eclectic programming. He studied composition & arranging with Hank Levy and Bill Dobbins, and received his Doctoral degree from the Eastman School in 2008.


Title Genre Level Price
Cape Verdean Blues (Silver/Scarbrough) Little Big Band INT $50.00
Flex Time Jazz Ensemble INT $60.00
Kathryn Jazz Ensemble INT $60.00
Money in the Pocket (Zawinul/Scarbrough) Little Big Band INT $50.00
Praxis Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $60.00
Red Clay (Hubbard/Scarbrough) Little Big Band INT $50.00
Something in the Moon Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $60.00
The Blues On One Hand Little Big Band INT $50.00
Upswing Jazz Ensemble INT $60.00

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