Elliot Fine

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Born May 7, 1925, Elliot Fine started playing drums at age 11, and his career ran the gamut from drum corps, burlesque, Dixieland, show band, big band, small group jazz, and pop, to 41 years with the Minnesota Orchestra and even occasional forays into free improvisation with his son Milo. Additionally, he composed pieces for percussion ensemble -- two of which ("Miloís March" and "Boogaloo Birdie") have been performed extensively -- and authored a number of drum instruction books, including, with Marv Dahlgren, the seminal "4-Way Coordination" and 2 volumes of "Accent on Accents." (His "Set in Motion" book for drum set is especially excellent.) Elliot died on May 4, 2012 and is survived by Milo (Susan); his brother Leo (Maureen); and an extended family which includes relatives, many friends, colleagues and countless drum and percussion students. Elliot Fine was a drummerís drummer.


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