Claus Waidtlow

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Prolific, adventurous and a true virtuoso and visionary, Claus Waidtlow has been one of the most highly respected jazz musicians in Denmark for nearly two decades. Originally an Alto sax player, Waidtlow is primarily known today for his Tenor sax work and audacious compositional sense. Waidtlow has long been one of the leading trendsetters in European jazz.


Title Genre Level Price
Ballad for Ballard Jazz Ensemble INT $60.00
Cruising Jazz Ensemble INT $55.00
Double Rainbow Jazz Ensemble INT $65.00
Morning in Banjul Jazz Ensemble INT $60.00
Nellys Lullaby Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $60.00
Playhouse Jazz Ensemble INT $65.00
Spring Dance Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $65.00
The Other Side of the River Jazz Ensemble INT/ADV $65.00

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