Arni Egilsson

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Arni Egilsson has earned an international reputation as a Double Bass soloist, having performed in his native Iceland and throughout Europe and the United States. He was brought to the United States by the late Sir John Barbirolli to play with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. While there, he established an enduring relationship with Sir Andre Previn, one of Hollywood’s top composers.

A versatile instrumentalist, equally comfortable in jazz and classical venues he has recorded a classical solo album with Vladimir Ashkenazy and a jazz album with Ray Brown. Egilsson is highly regarded as a leading session player in the orchestras of the Los Angeles recording studios, serving as Principal Bassplayer for most of Hollywood’s top composers.

He has been a juror in many International Competitions such as Edinburgh, Scotland, The International Koussevitzky Double Bass Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia (II and III), The International Society of Basses (USA) and The International Sperger Double Bass Competition in Germany (in 2010 he was also the composer of their compulsory work).

Egilsson has taught Double Bass Master Classes in many parts of the world including the USA, Germany, Graz (University of Graz), and in Vienna, Austria, Brno (The Janacek Academy), Czech Republic, Seoul, S. Korea (National University of the Arts) as well as London (Guildhall), England and been a Professor of Double Bass at the California State University, Northridge.

In recent years he has become well known as a composer of works for Double Bass, Chamber Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra as well as Solo Voice and Choral works.


Title Genre Level Price
A Little Reykjavik Funk (Electric Bass & Keyboard) Bass INT $8.00
A Lovesong for you (Double Bass and Piano) Bass INT $20.00
A Lovesong For You (Jazz Version) Bass INT $15.00
A New Beginning (Double Bass & Piano) Bass INT/ADV $20.00
A Tale of Yore (String Quartet and Piano) Strings INT/ADV $45.00
Air (For Solo Double Bass & Piano) Bass EAS/INT $18.00
Bass Blues (Solo Jazz Bass w/Acc.) Bass INT $8.00
Bass Strut (For Two Jazz Basses) Bass INT $10.00
Basses Loaded CD $15.00
Basses Three-0 (For 3 Jazz Basses w/Pno. & Drums) Bass INT $20.00
Bassically Yours CD $15.00
Bassiona Boogie (For 4 Basses) (Jazz) Bass INT $20.00
Bassiona Boogie (for 6 Basses) (Jazz) Bass INT $25.00
Blue Sunday (For Two Jazz Basses) Bass INT $15.00
Blues for Ray (For Two Jazz Basses) Bass INT $15.00
Blær (W.W. 5) Woodwind ADV $75.00
Bopping at the Bass Club (For Two Jazz Basses) Bass INT $15.00
Borealis Piano INT $8.00
Casa del Alcalde (For 1 or 2 Basses) Bass INT/ADV $20.00
Chamber Music CD $15.00
Changing Times Misc. INT/ADV $25.00
Contemplation (String Quintet) Strings INT/ADV $35.00
Dats Blues, Mann ?!! (For one or two jazz basses) Bass INT/ADV $15.00
Dies Irae ( Chorus & Organ) Choral INT $10.00
Erinnerungen Vocal solo INT $15.00
Farewell Jazz Combo INT $15.00
From The Rainbow CD $15.00
From the Rainbow (String Sextet) Strings INT $35.00
Get Down (Cello Quartet) Cello INT/ADV $20.00
Get Down (Flute Version) Strings INT/ADV $20.00
Geysir Jazz Combo INT $15.00
Humpty Dumpty ((For Two Jazz Basses) Bass INT $10.00
I Wander ? (Vla. and Harpsichord) ) Strings INT/ADV $22.00
Impressions (String Quintet) Strings INT/ADV $80.00
In Memory of Andres Jazz Combo INT $10.00
Is It ? (String Quintet) Strings INT $50.00
Just a Thought Brass INT $15.00
Just a Touch of Armadillo (4 Cellos) Cello INT $25.00
Just a Touch of Armadillo (Flute Version) Strings INT $20.00
Kaleidoscope Choral INT $75.00
Kaleidoscope CD $25.00
Morning Jazz Combo INT $15.00
Mr. Brown, I Presume (Jazz Bass w/Pno.) Bass INT $15.00
NHØP (For Jazz Bass, Pno. & Drums) Bass INT $15.00
Nidur CD $15.00
Nina (Jazz Quintet) Jazz Combo INT $10.00
OK ? (For Two Jazz Basses & Pno.) Bass INT $15.00
Quiet Moment (Solo Bass and Piano) Bass INT $15.00
Reflections CD $15.00
Say What !!? (Jazz Bass Solo w/Pno.) Bass INT $15.00
Say What ? CD $15.00
Sextet Pacifica (String Sextet) Strings INT/ADV $45.00
Song for a Fat Lady (For 1,2 or 3 Jazz Basses) Bass INT $20.00
Steeped-in-Pathos (Jazz) Bass INT $20.00
Steeped-in-Pathos (Solo Bass w/Piano) Bass INT $20.00
Stinky Pooh ! - (For Two or Three Jazz Basses) Bass INT $15.00
The Art of the Bass (Vol. 1) CD $15.00
The Bass Players Valse (Solo Jazz Bass w/Pno.) Bass EAS/INT $10.00
Time After Time CD $15.00
To Dorette (Jazz Version) Bass INT $20.00
To Dorette (Solo Bass w/Piano) Bass INT $20.00
Tom Thumb (Duo for 2 Classical Basses) Bass INT $10.00
Tom Thumb (for two classical double basses and piano) Bass INT $20.00
Utlendingahersveitin CD $15.00
Volukvædi (Double Bass and Piano) Bass ADV $20.00
We try to go on (Solo Jazz Bass) Bass INT $8.00
Weilnachtslied (Childrens Song) Choral EASY $1.50
What If ? (String Quintet) Strings INT $25.00
Whats goin on ? (Two Jazz Basses) Bass INT $15.00
Whoopie Do - Whoopie Dont ? Bass INT $20.00
Why ? (String quartet) Strings INT $25.00
Yo Gringo ! Bass INT $15.00
You gotta be Kiddin !! Bass INT $20.00

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