Composer Douglas Hill
Title A Place for Hawks (Voice, Hrn. & Strings)
Level ADV
Genre Strings
Price $65.00
Description A Place for Hawks (Voice, Horn, and Strings) ADV Soloists with Strings $65.00 (String Orch.) $55 (String Quintet) A lush, melodic work featuring mezzo soprano and horn duets with string orchestra. (Also effective with string quartet and string bass.) There are a few measures of divisi in Vln. 1 and Cello, Mvts. 3 & 4. so you will need to have a additional instrument for those measures. Composed in 1996, this twenty minute, four movement composition is based on the nature loving poetry of the Wisconsin poet, August Derleth. Together the soloists experience the still, cold, silent woods of winter interrupted by a confrontation with a hawk. The simpler pleasures of observing a hawk on the wind is then enhanced by springtime’s blossoms and birdsongs. This work can be heard on the CD Thoughtful Wanderings: Compositions by Douglas Hill. Also available as a PDF.

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