Composer Eli Grajkowski
Title Total Trombone Takeover
Level EASY
Genre Concert Band
Price $40.00
Description Tired of trombone features that are nothing but the same cheesy glissandi over and over again that make you want to vomit? Are many trombone features too hard for your middle school trombone students? Are your middle level trombonists ready to bite off something more challenging than a features containing only five notes? Then check out Total Trombone Takeover! This trombone feature with band accompaniment is just the ticket for middle school trombone sections. Set in a ternary form, the outer sections (Eb major) are march-like in duple meter, with a contrasting middle section (c minor) in three-quarter time. The trombone part has an optional high Eb, but they should all have pretty good middle Cs (this piece was written to help reinforce that note, as nearly every entrance of theirs starts on this note). The other band parts are all equally interesting and challenging for this level, with the percussion being kept very busy. Bring the house down with Total Trombone Takeover!

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