Composer Carl Seale
Title Symphonic Suite for Band
Genre Concert Band
Price $100.00
Description "Symphonic Suite for Band" was written in 2004 by Carl Seale. There are 3 movements in this extensive work which was dedicated to the McAllen Symphonic Band, McAllen, Texas. Symphonic Suite for Band - A challenging three movement concert suite in the tradition of the two great concert suites for band by Gustav Holst. Movement 1, Bacchanalia A fast moving workout for the high woodwinds with a lot of rhythmic drive from start to finish. 4:45 Movement 2, Waltz of the Chameleons A lightly scored scherzo in five-four meter with a clownish character. Inspired by the antics of the green/brown miniature dinosaurs in my garden. 4:35 Movement 3, Exhortation Powerful opening fanfare followed by a driving contrapuntal development of a rising three-note motive first heard in the fanfare. The middle section is recitative and response of two contrasting unison melodies. The final section is a recap of the earlier counterpoint concluding with a dramatic, climatic coda. 9:15

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