Composer William ONeil
Title Sonatina in G (Dvorak) (Clar. in A & Pno.)
Level ADV
Genre Clarinet
Price $30.00
Description "Sonatina in G (Op. 100) by A. Dvorak has been transcribed for Clarinet in A and piano in 2004 by Dr. William OíNeil. This is a major recital work with 4 movements (Allegro resoluto; Larghetto; Molto vivace, and Allegro). The Sonatina in G Major by Dvorak is a great piece for violin. It has been attempted for clarinet before with some success, but with the drawback that the solo part is left alone and it is the accompaniment that has been transposed. This makes for very unhappy pianists, who have to learn the piece both in G and in F. Far more reasonable to transpose the solo part. It is being offered here in both B-flat and A editions. Please specify which version you want. The soloist can choose which instrument to use. There are advantages to either one. Or, the soloist could choose by movement, or even by section within the movement, if there is enough time to change clarinets (always a concern in Dvorak). This is Dvorakís opus 100 and dates from his time in the US, aroud the same time as the Cello Concerto, the American String Quartet, and the "New World" Symphony.

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