Composer William ONeil
Title Concerto #1 (Molter)(Clar. Choir)
Genre Clarinet
Price $45.00
Description "Concerto # 1 by Johann Melchior Molter has been arranged for Clarinet Choir by Dr. William OíNeil. The standard Bb Clarinet as soloist has been scored, but Dr. OíNeil has also written the soloist part to be played by Eb Clar. or Eb Alto Clar. or Eb Contra-Alto Clar. Johann Melchior Molter was a slightly younger contemporary of Bach and Handel. He composed some of the very earliest clarinet concerti. Unfortunately these were for the clarinet in D, an extremely rare instrument today. Consequently these wonderful works are mostly neglected. While it is possible to play them on the E-flat clarinet, the key signature becomes very unwieldy. Or, it is possible to play them as written for the D clarinet but on the E-flat, making it necessary to transpose all the orchestral parts and making your string players very unhappy because they are then playing in some very exotic keys (five or six flats). Also, a fifteen to twenty-minute work featuring the E-flat clarinet (or the D Clarinet for that matter) can be very abrasive. The solution is to play them on the A Clarinet, a much more common instrument, so the key signature is only one sharp or flat removed from the original. Most of the solo part of each piece is then dropped an octave, putting the music in a very palatable range for the soloist and for the audience. What may be lost in authenticity is more than gained back by the fact that otherwise these delightful pieces would never be heard by most audiences. A further step is to take the new A clarinet part and to leave it alone but to transpose the accompaniments for clarinet choir. This has the benefit of introducing these works to the clarinet choir repertoire, leaving all the players in comfortable keys, and NOT requiring the soloist to learn the music twice.

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