Composer Eli Grajkowski
Title The Shanghai Rooster
Level EASY
Genre Concert Band
Price $55.00
Description "The Shanghai Rooster" Variations on a Wisconsin folk song has been arranged by Eli Grajkowski. Eli dedicated this wonderful work to the 5th grade (!) band students at Brookfield (WI) Elementary School during the 2003 school year. This is an excellent composition for younger bands...right up through middle school. Included are unison melody and rhythm warmups. Variations on a Wisconsin Folksong--"The Shanghai Rooster" is a challenging arrangement written for second or third year band students. Based on a humorous folk tune sung by early Wisconsinites, this arrangement features an upbeat statement of the folk melody, followed by four variations. These variations challenge the band students by shifting tempos, modes, grooves and counterpoint. The percussion is featured; percussion parts reinforce 16th notes. The low brass parts are exciting and challenging, doubled at the octave. Most parts reinforces eighth note-eighth rest combinations; written to enforce concert F key signature. Trumpet 1 highest note is concert C; clarinet 1 is written over the break; trombone/baritone highest note is middle C. All sets of parts and score come with a unison melody warm-up page.

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