Composer John Jay Hilfiger
Title Partita on Neander
Level INT
Genre Sacred music
Price $10.00
Description The hymn tune "Neander" also known as "Unser Herrscher", was composed by Joachim Neander in the 17th century. Dr. John Jay Hilfger has arranged this tune for three different instrumentalists with accompaniment. Please specify whether you want the version for Trumpet or Trombone or Horn. Either piano or organ can play the accompaniment.

This hymn tune is well known in the present day as ""Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty" or "Rise, Ye Children of Salvation". Dr. Hilfiger has used the melody as the starting point for a series of variations. This work is a good choice for a worship service, perhaps as a prelude or during the offering. It also works very well for a sacred music recital. "Here is a pleasant piece that would work very well in a church service... could be played by a strong middle school or average high school player... this piece is worth having..." HORN CALL, October 2006. Duration = 4:17

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