Composer Denise Pyles
Title Creation of Love
Genre Sacred music
Price $2.50
Description "Creation of Love" is booklet of 13 original tunes by Denise Pyles. This is designed especially for Contemporary services. Guitar or piano can accompany, but they must read chord changes. $2.50 per octavo. There is a CD available of all the tunes for an additional $15. The contents are as follows: 1)" Praise, Give Glory to God" for SATB Choir and Brass quartet accompaniment; 2) "Go Now Children" for SATB Choir.; 3) "Kyrie" for SATB Choir with a soprano soloist. There is a spoken intro and 8 verses alternating between vocal and instrumental. 4) "My Shepherd Walks Beside Me"for SATB Choir. This piece is based on Psalm 23 and features the Alto section with the melody and an Alto soloist at the end of the piece. 5) "Lenten Gospel Acclamation" is for SATB Choir. Additional verses for the various Sundays of Lent are included. 6) "Come to Me" is for SATB choir with an optional soprano descant. This is based on the Gospel reading for the 14th Sunday of Lent and can also be used for the Rites of Christian Initiation and Reconciliation. 7) "Broken Crosses" is for unison choir with a cantor. It can be used for Passion Sunday, Good Friday or an Advent Maranatha. It was inspired by Psalm 22 and Isaiah 58; 8) "My Soul is Thirsting" is for SATB choir. It is an adaptation of Psalm 63 and 42: 9) "Creation of Love" was inspired by Colossians 1: 15-20. It is written for SATB choir, but there are a number of voice splits to contend with. Excellent opening song about creation. 10) "Invocation/Come, Great Spirit" is based on Rev. 22:17 and the "Litany of the Holy Spirit". It can be used as a morning song of praise or a song to the Holy Spirit during Pentecost. It is written for a Cantor and a unison/2 part choir; 11) "How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place" is written for SATB choir. It is based on Psalm 84 ; 12) "Tejedores de la Vida" is written for Alto solo, two optional descants and SATB choir. Translation means...Weavers of life, artisans of peace. Especially meaningful today ; 13) "Dismissal Amen" is written for SATB choir, descant and a short section for cantor. 16 copy minimum order.

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