Composer Douglas Hill
Title The Glorious Privilege of Being (Horn Quartet)
Genre Horn
Price $30.00
Description "The Glorious Privilege of Being" by Douglas Hill was written in 2000 for Horn Quartet. This quartet for Horns was originally conceived as an SATB choral work to be sung acapella. It is based on a poem by the Nebraska poet, John G. Neihardt entitled "April Theology". The phrase: "the glorious privilege of being" reoccurs throughout the poem and sums up the temperament of its content which is the youthful and joyous celebration of simply being alive. Douglas Hill has modified the original four part anthem so that a chorus could also sing it with piano, a solo singer could perform it with piano, or a Horn Quartet could render its inherent "music" without the specifics of its words. Each performer in the Horn Quartet has a cleverly written part. This will challenge your better students. Also available as a PDF.

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