Composer Jonathan Leahy
Title Prelude #1 (Flute & Marimba)
Genre Percussion
Price $12.00
Description "Prelude #1" for Flute and Marimba was written in 2005 by Jonathan Leahy. This work utilizes a number of advanced techniques for both Flute and Marimba. Each performer is challenged with the result being a clever taste of contemporary music for all. Great recital work.

"Prelude #1 for Flute and Marimba" was written in 2005, and was premiered on Nov. 20th, 2005 at UW-Oshkosh. A post-tonal work with some serial elements, "Prelude #1" involves several extended flute techniques (flutter tongue, jet-whistle, etc.) and offers improvised sections for both players. A demanding work for both flute and marimba, this piece will require constant communication between performers. Recommended for advanced students - good recital piece for either flute or marimba.

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