Composer Charles Jason Bechtold
Title The Ship That Never Returned (SATB)
Level INT
Genre Choral
Price $1.70
Description "The Ship That Never Returned" has been set for SATB chorus with piano accompaniment for rehearsal only by Charles Jason Bechtold. The text is from Henry Clay Work (1832-1884). The work begins in the key of G major in 6/8 meter. The next section is in 4/4 meter and the key of E minor. Coming back to 6/8 the key changes to F major/D minor. The final section in 4/4 returns to E minor. Ranges for all voices are very moderate and quite approachable. Slow tempo. $1.70 per octavo. The Ship That Never Returned- This is based on the poem by Henry Clay Work. The music is written to give an impression of a summer day near a dock as a boat sails away never to return. The time signature and melody create a side-to-side rocking feel. Take notice of the nice key change in the second verse.

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