Composer Eli Grajkowski
Title Three Brotherly Baritones (w/ Concert Band)
Level EASY
Genre Trombone
Price $40.00
Description "Three Brotherly Baritones" was written to feature a trio of baritone horn/trombone players with full band accompaniment at the same time promoting and showcasing this important band instrument. Clearly cast in rondo form and in the key of concert Bb major (the “C” section temporarily moves to the key of concert Db major) it is very appropriate for 5th and/or 6th grade band students. Concert E natural is used frequently and the dotted quarter /eighth note rhythm is reinforced throughout. The “A” melody is based on the “sol sol mi fa sol mi” chant which Leonard Bernstein notes is a universal tune as children in many cultures all over the world sing this as they playfully tease each other (which is the idea behind this piece). The baritones play in unison except for the last appearance of the “A” melody, where they split into 3-part harmony (a sure crowd pleaser!). Of course, you may use more than three euphonium players on this (that is, if you happen to have that many)! Will work with only two featured players (or a trombone could be substituted). Highest baritone horn note is middle C; three clarinet parts (parts one and two are optional parts that cross the break, third part stays below the break); two trumpet parts (highest first trumpet note is a concert C--written D); French horn part gets the melody in places and its highest note is concert G (written D). Bells, snare/bass drum, cymbals/tambourine and triangle make up the interesting percussion parts. Baritone parts are a shade more difficult than the band parts, but everyone gets a piece of the action. Comes with a unison melody warm-up page. Playful and teasing, yet promoting co-operation(i.e. “brotherly”), my students enjoyed this piece—even the non-baritone horn players!

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