Composer Eli Grajkowski
Title The Funky Brass Boys (Trom. & Tuba)
Level EASY
Genre Trombone
Price $10.00
Description "The Funky Brass Boys" was written in 2003 by Eli Grajkowski as a duo for Trombone and Tuba. The was written specially for two of Eliís ELEMENTARY band students! It is in the key of Eb and it is 70 measures in length. The range for the Trombone is Eb (two ledger lines above the bass clef and going down to C (second spce) in the bass clef. The range for the tuba is Eb (3rd space bass clef) going down to F (4 ledger lines below the bass clef). A unique feature of this work is the improvisation section for the Trombone. This section is 16 bars long and is based entirely on the Eb mixolydian (Dominant) scale. A great tune to introduce jazz rhythms and improvisation to early level students. Nothing quite like this in the literature.

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