Composer Robert L. Smith
Title Those Classy Clarinets (Clar. Duets)
Level INT
Genre Clarinet
Price $20.00
Description "Those Classy Clarinets" is a collection of 16 Clarinet duets written by Robert L. Smith. These duets are perfect for Middle School or High School Clarinet players who need to improve their skills and who enjoy the duet system rather than just solitary practice on scales and fingering excersizes. Written by a man who enjoyed playing duets as a young Clarinentist these works are fun as well as educational. Tunes include: Trinkets & Treasures; Janís Jubilee; A Waltz for Jennifer; The Last Dance; Yesteryearís Lament; Rags to Riches; Pecatonica; Marnieís Melody; Windpudding; Nostalgia; Chasiní Charlie; Alexenna; Greg & Me; For Peteís Sake; Lamentation; Raggedy Ann. Kid tested and approved. Highly recommended! Two books are included. CD available for an extra $5.

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