Composer Charley Gerard
Title The Iliad of Archie (Sax 4)
Genre Saxophone
Price $100.00
Description "The Iliad of Archie" is a nine movement work by Charley Gerard for Sax Quartet. Each movement may be purchased separately for $15 per movement. This suite was inspired by the "Archie" comic book characters. Mvt. I = Archie: The soul of Indecision (SATB); Mvt. II = Jughead: The eccentric (SATB); Mvt. III - Moose: Strong, slow and stupid (ATTB); Mvt. IV - Betty: If You leave Me My Heart Will Tear Up Like Confetti (SATB); Mvt. V - Veronica: She’s a rich bitch (SATB ) Jazz improvisation required for a short section; Mvt. VI - Pops: Boss of the soda fountain (SATB); Mvt. VII - Reggie: The Cynical Cheat (SSA); Mvt. VIII - Dilton: Riverdale’s budding scientist with the romantic soul (SATB); Mvt. IX - The Iliad of Archie (SATB).

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