Composer Douglas Hill
Title Tribal Images for Brass Quintet and Percussion
Genre Brass
Price $50.00
Description Tribal Images for Brass Quintet and Percussion INT/ADV Brass $50.00 “Tribal Images” is a work based on the ethnographically researched ritual forms and collected melodies of the 19th Century Omaha Indians. The traditional Hethu’shka Ceremony is represented in this work by the four movements: 1. Where the Thunder Leads, 2. Let the Prayers Rise Upward, 3. The Feast Awaits, 4. Arise Friend and Walk We Away. This 15 minute work is scored for the traditional brass quintet (including tuba) and three percussionists performing on numerous European classical and Native American instruments. A wonderfully effective performance can be heard on Crystal Records CD567 and is available through Really Good Music, LLC. Also available as a PDF.

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