Composer Lissa Fleming May
Title Cancion Ritmica
Level INT
Genre Concert Band
Price $75.00
Description "Cancion Ritmica" was written by Dr. Lissa Fleming May in 2007. It was commissioned by the Madison (IN) County Honor Band and premiered by the same organization on March 4, 2007. This work for Concert Band is very rhythmic as the title suggests. (Cancion Ritmica = Rhythmic Song) Nine percussionists are required. There is also a very unique 8 measure section that calls for any woodwind to play an improvised solo. The piece is scored for: Flute; Oboe; Bassoon; Clar. 1 & 2; Bass Clar.; Alto Sax; Tenor Sax; Bari. Sax: Trumpet 1& 2; Horns ; Trombone, Baritone, Tuba; Cowbell; Claves; Guiro; Maracas; Marimba; Timbales; Conga Drums; S.D.; B.D. Your students and the audience will love this!

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