Composer Thomas R. Fisher
Title Percussion Suite #1
Level INT
Genre Percussion
Price $30.00
Description "Percussion Suite #1" was written in 1995 by Thomas R. Fisher. This is a 3 movement work scored for 6 players. Mvt. 1 (Metal Canon) = Bells; Vibes; High pitch Brake Drum; Med. Brake Drum; Low Brake Drum; 3 Gongs and Wind chimes. Mvt. 2 (Round Skin) = Marimba; Díjimbe; Conga Drums (Conga); Conga Drum (Tumba); Agogo Bells; Log Drum; Tube shaker. Mvt. 3 (Round Wood) = Marimba 1; Marimba 2; Claves 1; claves 2; Claves 3.

Percussion Suite # 1 uses the round in three settings. Metal Canon uses all metal sounds and has a Oriental flavor to it. Round Skin is a African setting featuring hand drums. Round wood uses three sets of claves and wood keyboard instruments in an intense composition. Medium to difficult. 6 -8 performers needed.†

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