Composer Timothy James Graham
Title Soldiers & Senders (SAB)
Level INT
Genre Sacred music
Price $50.00
Description "Soldiers & Senders" was written by Timothy James Graham in 2007. This is a work for Vocal Trio (SAB) or SAB Choir and Piano. Optional Strings with Bass and Drums parts included. The text is from a poem by Robert Graham. Soldiers and Senders was written in the spring of 2007 at the request of Robert Graham, president for the U.S. chapter of the Lutheran Association of Missionary Pilots (L.A.M.P.). The text, a poem written by Robert several years earlier, describes the many different roles Christians play both at home and abroad in the mission field. Keeping in mind the vocal range and abilities of most contemporary worship teams (soprano, alto, and baritone/tenor); Soldiers and Senders can be performed as a choral, trio, or solo piece and would make an excellent choice for weekend worship services dedicated to those being commissioned to or serving in mission fields. Optional bass, drum, and string parts are included; the string part can be played on a synthesizer, solo violin, or flute.

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