Composer Carl Seale
Title Three Miniatures for Oboe, Bassoon & Piano
Genre Woodwind
Price $40.00
Description "Three Miniatures for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano" was written by Carl Seale in 2008. Mvt. I (Homage to Igor); Mvt. 2 (Follow the Leader); Mvt. 3 (Tarantella...Donít Blink). The composer writes ""Three Miniatures for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano was composed in the summer of 2008 for a trio of friends of the composer. The total playing time is less than five minutes. The movements are contrasting.The first movement is a tribute to Igor...Stravinsky that is. The thematic concept (not the notes themselves) is borrowed from the opening statement of his Symphony of Psalms). "Follow the Leader" (2nd movement) is in a contrapuntal mode. The "Tarantella" is written to be played very fast. The players and audience are admonished to "Donít blink!" You might miss it. All three pieces offer a challenge of technique to all three players and of range for the double reeds..." Carl Seale

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