Composer Tim Smith
Title Strongholds of Eire
Level INT
Genre Concert Band
Price $150.00
Description "Strongholds of Eire" was written by Tim Smith in 2007. This is a three movement work for concert band. Mvt. 1 = The Rock of Cashel"; Mvt. 2 = "Blarney Castle"; Mvt. 3 = "Cahir Castle". This is a suite representing three of the most famous castles of Ireland, each with a very distinct flavor and character to it. The "Rock of Cashel" is an ancient fortress of grandeur that was later given as a gift to the church so it contains both a regal ceremonial flair as well as mythical excitement. "Blarney Castle" is representative of the whimsical, humorous nature of the Irish people, and the gift of gab that makes their personality so entertaining. "Cahir Castle" portrays the medieval fortress of power and might, surviving numerous sieges and battles over the centuries. Images of the three famous and historic ancient Irish castles are displayed in the three part suite.

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