Composer Jason Stevenson
Title Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart/Stevenson)
Genre Concert Band
Price $65.00
Description "Ave Verum Corpus" by W.A. Mozart has been arranged for younger concert band by Jason Stevenson. This classic melody by Mozart works very well in a concert band setting. Great way to introduce your students to the majesty of Mozart. The arranger writes "This particular setting of the motet was written by Mozart just 6 months prior to his death. Ave Verum is a Eucharistic Hymn that is attributed to Pope Innocent VI. This arrangement is written for a grade 3 concert band. The tempo should be no faster than 66 beats per minute. I have approached this piece with the idea of using smaller ensembles within a larger ensemble.

The beginning of this arrangement opens with the brass but after the first four measures I dovetail the song into a woodwind ensemble. I also use a plethora of different ensemble scoring until measure 30. In fact the band does not play in itís entirety until measure 33 and then I revert back to a thinner texture right after the sound hits itís apex at measures 36-37. We are again treated to the entire band at measures 39 through 43. Then the piece should taper off and end in a fairly subdued manner."

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