Composer William ONeil
Title Trio Reception Book
Level INT
Genre Strings
Price $75.00
Description "Trio Reception Book" compiled and arranged by William OíNeil is a collection of masterworks for weddings, receptions, building dedications, etc. This is a wonderful book of music for three musicians. A quartet is sometimes too expensive. There is no Piano involved in this music so tuning and availability is not a problem. Part 1 (Player 1) is available in the key of Eb, F, Bb, and C. Part 2 (Player 2) is available in the key of Eb, F, C (Alto Clef), C (Treble Clef); Bb; Part 3 (Player 3) is available in the key of Bb, C (Bass Clef), Eb. Each part is about 163 pages so the music is produced on loose pages. All the old favorites are included!

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