Composer Charles White
Title A Pretty Good March
Genre Concert Band
Price $60.00
Description "A Pretty Good March" was written for Concert Band in 2008 by Charles White. The Composer writes: How many directors have discovered that the trumpet section needs a break in the middle of a concert? Youíre announcing the next number, you glance at your lead trumpet section, and they all look like worn-out puppies. A "Pretty Good March" could help out by featuring other sections, using 2nd or 3rd trumpets, or not using trumpets at all. I wrote this to sound more European in style, with use of woodwinds and plenty of counter-melodies for lower brass and tenor saxophone. Trumpets are not needed at all, or you could use the 2nd or 3rd chairs to play for the experience. There is also a saxophone quartet from E to F that could be played alone or with extra parts that you wish to add (such as percussion). It should be a fairly easy, fun piece. I always wanted to announce to an audience that the next piece was "A Pretty Good March".

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