Composer Douglas Hill
Title Three Moods for Woodwind Quintet
Level ADV
Genre Woodwind
Price $55.00
Description Three Moods for Woodwind Quintet ADV Woodwinds $55.00 This powerfully emotional composition began on July 3, 2005, the day Senator Gaylord Nelson, the “Father of Earth Day” passed away. It was originally composed and is available through RBM for Horn and String Quartet under the title “Greens/Blues/Reds. The work begins by celebrating the remarkable beauty of our green planet and the mood of “Joy”. The “Sorrow”, the "blues", is then the mood felt regarding the reckless neglect demonstrated by those with the power to conserve. Last, the mood of anger is felt towards those who have chosen to exploit our planet. This work incorporates effective, extended techniques and significant jazz phrasings. There is also an effective version of this work for solo horn.

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