Composer Carl Seale
Title Toccata for Organ and Percussion
Level INT
Genre Percussion
Price $35.00
Description Toccata for Organ and Percussion: Composed for the percussion ensemble of the University of Texas Ė Pan American. The work runs approximately 2í40". The extended passages of repeated figures make most of the percussion parts relatively easy to execute, Whereas, the organ and marimba parts require experienced players. The marimba is written to be played by two players on a single marimba. The selection of organ registration is being left up to the organist. If an organ isnít available the use of a keyboard synthesizer is recommended. Requires 6 players. Scored for: Player 1= Bongos; Player 2 = Maracas; Player 3 = Temple Blocks; Player 4 = Marimba; Player 5 = Marimba; Player 6 = Organ.

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