Composer Susan Vanderscheuren
Title Still In My Pajamas (Sax Quartet)
Level INT
Genre Saxophone
Price $15.00
Description "Still In My Pajamas" was written in 2010 by Susan Vanderscheuren. This is a wonderful tune for Sax Quartet. Despite its name, there is nothing sleepy or lethargic about this saxophone quartet written for two altos, a tenor, and a bari. It is, in fact, an energetic swing-style piece that is fun to play and fun to listen to. It features a repeated improvisation solo section giving the first alto, tenor, or both the opportunity to improvise. This leads into a section similar to a shout followed by a soli-type section before an energized restatement of the theme. Itís a toe tapper whether you are still in your pajamas or not.

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