Composer Bruce W. Nelson
Title The Russian Banya Song (SSA)
Level INT
Genre Choral
Price $1.90
Description "The Russian Banya Song (Beat Me With the Birch Boughs!) was written (Words and Music) in 2011 by Bruce W. Nelson. Bruce is the director of Choral Activities at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. This tune is a light hearted take on Russian saunas. Very clever lyrics. Everybody will like this one. $1.90 per octavo. 16 copy minimum order. SSA with piano accompaniment. Here is a sample of some of the clever lyrics: "When it comes to relaxiní honey you should know; the banya is the place you simply have to go; they bake you like a lobster using lots of steam; then beat you with some branches till you nearly scream; if this is your idea of a perfect day; then hereís what you must say: Chorus: Beat me now with the birch boughs. etc, make me red and drive my blues away".

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