Composer Richard Baller
Title Carols for Percussion (Set # 2)
Level EASY
Genre Christmas Music
Price $25.00
Description "Carols for Percussion (Set #2) was written/arranged by Richard Baller in 1997 for his middle school percussion ensemble. These are four delightful pieces and very well arranged. Set #2 includes: 1.) "The Echo Carol" scored for: Bells, Marimba 1 (& 2), Tambourine/Triangle, Roto-toms (4), Timpani. 2.) "Deck the Halls" scored for: Bells (Opt.), Marimba 1 & 2, Bass Drums 1 & 3, Bass Drum 4/Snare Drum, Bass Drum 2/Tambourine, Bass Drum 5/Vibraslap. 3.) "O Christmas Tree" scored for: Bells, Marimba 1, Marimba 2, Snare Drum, Timpani. "Jingle Bells" scored for: Bass Drum 1/Bells, Bass Drum 4/Marimba 1, Bass Drum 2 & 5/Marimba 2, Bass Drum 3/Temple Blocks, Sleigh Bells.

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