Composer Curtis Wilson
Title Prologue and Caprice (Trom. Quartet)
Genre Trombone
Price $35.00
Description PROLOGUE AND CAPRICE is dedicated to the late Carl Fontana, one of the most accomplished jazz trombone soloists of the 20th century. Carl performed twice with the TCU Jazz Ensembles in the mid-1980ís and early 1990ís. Carl and I were discussing the possibility of his playing again with the band at the Texas Music Educators Association Conference in San Antonio shortly before his illness. Carlís beautiful sound and lyrical style strongly influenced my writing of this piece. The brief Intermission Riff quote pays homage to his association as featured trombone soloist with the Stan Kenton Band and is one of the early pieces that helped jump-start his marvelous career in jazz. The composer writes: "I was commissioned to write this piece for the 2nd annual TCU Trombone Summit as the official competition piece. It was performed by Oklahoma State (who won), U. of Texas, and Ithaca College trombone groups about 6 weeks ago." (5/31/11)

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