Composer Russell Scarbrough
Title Something in the Moon
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Something In the Moon" was commissioned by the Bucknell University Jazz Ensemble (Barry Long, director). This straight-eighth piece in 3/4 features the lead trombonist and vibes (or guitar if vibes arenít available). Contemporary harmonies and minimalist textures give this piece a unique profile. Trombone plays a beautiful, dark ballad melody that makes use of the instrumentís full range. Instead of a traditional improvised solo over changes, he has a series of improvised cadenzas. The vibes solo is traditional improvising on modal scales. The other ensemble parts are not exceptionally challenging (lead trumpet has one passage with a high E). With moments of great beauty and intensity, this artistic piece will make a nice contrast on any concert. The full score with midi playback can be seen at:

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