Composer Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatte
Title Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (Piano Red.)
Genre Bassoon
Price $24.00
Description Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté’s Bassoon Concerto was written in 1950 for the Aussee Festival of Austrian Music Students at the request of the Academy for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. It was premiered that summer in Aussee with soloist Gloria Solloway and the Academy Orchestra. The concerto was required to be both lightly scored and predominantly tonal. The concerto is in three movements: the first introduces the main theme in G minor, then moves to the slower secondary theme. The middle movement features a gentle dialogue between soloist and accompaniment. The final movement begins with a reprise of the main theme from the first movement, followed by a cadenza and concluding with a coda. The entire concerto lasts about 14 minutes. The orchestra version, E. 124, is scored for piccolo, flute, 2 oboes, 2 horns, strings and timpani. The piano reduction, E. 125, is arranged by the composer and edited by Alex Widstrand. Audio available at:

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