Composer Spike Maiden Müller
Title Sonata for a Young Trumpeter
Level INT
Genre Trumpet
Price $15.00
Description "Sonata for a Young Trumpeter" was written in 1989 by Spike Maiden Muller. This is a three movement work that challenges a young performer. Key and tempo changes abound. Use of mute and dynamics are stressed. Nice piece of music.The Sonata for a Young Trumpeter was written for a couple of Spike’s students some years back. It is ideal for a student with maturity of interpretation, reasonable finger dexerity, and endurance, but does not require a lot of high range (it ranges from a4 to a6, but mostly confines itself to the c4 to e5 area.) The first movement is a fast sonata form with a somewhat challenging piano part that complements and enhances the trumpet line. The middle movement is a through-composed cantabile appropriate for a trumpeter who can really make the instrument ’sing.’ The last movement is a tongue-in-cheek scherzo which includes muted trumpet and some interesting melodic elisions.

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