Composer Aaron Hedenstrom
Title The Sparrow Was Gone In An Instant
Level ADV
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $100.00
Description This is an ASCAP young Jazz composer award winning composition! "The Sparrow Was Gone In An Instant" is a new jazz ensemble work by Aaron Hedenstrom. It is featured on the new (2012) University Of North Texas One O’Clock Jazz Ensemble CD. Clever and well written chart. Scored for: Fl. 1 & 2; Cl. 1 & 2;B. Cl.; 4 Flugelhorns/Trpts.; 4 Troms.; Pn.; Guit.; Bass; Drums; Cajon. Trom. solo . The composer writes: "The Sparrow Was Gone In An Instant" is a modern work for full big band (8 brass) and is a great piece for doublers. In fact, there is no saxophone anywhere in the piece! Instead, there are 2 flute parts, 2 clarinet parts, and bass clarinet. This is a great piece to add variety to any concert, as well as challenge your players musically! This piece was inspired by the Gil Evans/Maria Schneider school of composition. It features a trombone 2 solo over a long, flowing solo section that builds up to an exciting climax. Great for advanced college and professional big bands. Also available as a PDF.

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