Composer Glenn Simonelli
Title Three Conundrums for Wind Ensemble
Genre Concert Band
Price $150.00
Description "Three Conundrums for Wind Ensemble" was written in 2012 by Glenn Simonelli. Mvt. 1 = Creation Myths; Mvt. 2 = The Arcs of Progress; Mvt. 3 = Shiva. Standard instrumentation with the addition of a Contrabass Clar.; Double Bass; and a wealth of Percussion instruments. The composer writes: "Three Conumdrums for Wind Ensemble. A concert band, also called a wind ensemble, is like a symphonic orchestra on steroids but without the string section: horns,woodwinds, including saxophones, percussion and, for some reasonunknown to me, a double bass or two. Three Conumdrums is a series of cycles within cycles. 1st movement: Creation Myths ( This is a musical interpretation of the act of creation, that is, the idea of something forming out of nothing. Rather than a single event, the movement suggests that the process happens repeatedly as life, the universe, self-actualization, whatever, is continually defining and redefining itself, beginning formlessly but ending with structure and awareness. 2nd movement: The Arcs of Progress ( This movement changes from the vague to the specific and then back again, mimicking the rise and fall of civilizations and human accomplishment. Progress is never neat or even; it comes in fits and starts, often collapsing before it gets off the ground, and sometimes flourishing for extended periods. 3rd movement: Shiva ( (Video: Shiva is the destroyer, a Hindu deity responsible for wiping the slate clean so that life can renew and improve itself. And thus, as civilization spins out of control, Shiva comes along and clears away the detritus, giving us another chance to improve." Also available as a PDF.

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