Composer Glenn Simonelli
Title Symphony No. 2
Genre Orchestra
Price $100.00
Description "Symphony No. 2" was written in 2012 by Glenn Simonelli. Mvt. 1= Vivace (Ragtime); Mvt. 2 = Andante (Longing); Mvt. 3 = Adagio-Allegretto (Grace). Scored for: Fl. 1 & 2; Ob. 1 & 2; Eng. Hn.; Cl. 1 & 2; Bassoon; F.H. 1 & 2; Trumpet; Timpani; Perc.; Strings. The composer writes: "I wrote my first symphony as an undergraduate at Indiana University. I never actually called it a symphony, but the three orchestral movements that I wrote while studying there were intended to be combined into a single symphony. I donít know if any record of these pieces exists any moreóI threw out my original scores years agoóbut just in case copies turn up some day, Iíve called this my Second Symphony so there wonít be any confusion. This symphony was written for classical orchestra, an early version of the typical symphony orchestra of today. It has a string section, some woodwinds, and stripped-down horn and percussion sections. I: Vivace (Ragtime) ( Long before I discovered Beethoven or Chopin, the Beatles, Keith Emerson or Robert Fripp, I was enamored with Scott Joplin. He was my first musical hero. This movement reflects that influence. A very simple melody is superimposed over a continuously varying, syncopated accompaniment, with occasional impositions of new material to add contrast. II: Andante (Longing) ( Imagine tossing a small stick into a brook: it speeds up and then slows down as it meanders downstream, occasionally getting hung up on a rock or branch, spinning in an eddy, or suddenly splashing over a mini waterfall. This movement is meant to evoke the lonely, melancholic feeling you might get watching that stick. III: Adagio-Allegretto (Grace) ( (Video: We are all born in a state of innocent perfection. Along the path of life, the sins, frustrations, indignities and disappointments accumulate, weighing us down, cluttering our route and inviting misdirection. This movement is about the redemptive power of forgiveness: both for the forgiven and, more importantly, for the forgiver."

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